Facebook and Google are absolutely to blame for Fake Ads and Articles, but nothing will change

I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of accountability on the big traffic players to accept responsibility for the gross negligence they have allowed to pollute their platforms and the technology industry as a whole.  It goes without saying that the political climate right now in the United States has poisoned many business avenues and industries, the technology industry is no different.

I can say with astounding shock and disgust that the apathy in identifying how the big players [Facebook, and Google’s respective platforms] confused and obfuscated facts to their user base prior to this political situation should, without a doubt, be illegal.

I understand the hypocrisy in that statement, I worked in ad tech.  I profited off of content arbitrage, playing the ad exchange, and running click bait to increase impressions and clicks.  I was financially compensated for this in a very direct fashion.  It wasn’t until I saw the detriment to our society as a whole that the guilt and fear sobered me to the system’s flaw.  It wasn’t until I realized that this model isn’t to inform and empower users, it’s to keep you engaged and online.

When you log on you are entering a market, that market benefits from putting ads and content in front of you.  They are profiting off keeping you online regardless of if you have resolved the original purpose for engaging the applications.  Google, Facebook, and any other business that is modeled on keeping users on the platform will always circumvent the appropriate expeditious solution for the one that continues to steal your time away in an effort to keep you in the market.

It is profitable, and it is wrong.  What’s even worse is that there is no oversight, advertising exchanges, search engines, social media companies have few legal limitations on what they can and can not do, they are too engrained in our financial stability to be questioned, fined, or limited.

The only real change comes from the user base.  Turn off your computer, leave your phone at home, get off social media, don’t use google.  Change the implementation of the system!