Why Uber and Lyft are going to drastically decrease Co2 emissions?

It’s undeniable.  The human population has a species wide addiction to fossil fuels and the freedom that portable transportation affords.  The problem is that climate change is an unhealthy bi-product of this addiction, but in order to decrease the detrimental effects from this addiction we need to tackle the problem through the lens of species wide treatment.  If ride sharing apps have the capacity to offer the consumer the freedom of portable transportation at a more efficient cost.  The ride sharing apps become the mechanism by which self-driving electric cars can be utilized to decrease human fatalities and drastically lower the Co2 emissions levels.

1) Why buy a car anymore?  They are expensive to maintain, a hassle to deal with, and you have to pay for insurance?

Call me a skeptic but why am I actually paying for insurance?  The government requires you to pay for something that establishes an industry that provides no actual benefit, you are literally buying something that doesn’t exist.  Why?

If I get an uber to come and pick me up everyday and it costs less than owning a car, why would I own a car?  If I can take a mode of transportation that is safer than driving myself, why would I drive myself.

If uber sticks to it’s morals and purchases a fleet of electric cars to provide this service, why ever buy a tank of gasoline again?

2) Could Uber and Lyft be the bad guys?

Absolutely these fucking companies could screw over society just like every business!  I think they have gotten into this with fantastic intentions but if they cave to corporate mergers, government pressure, and a boat load of money getting thrown at them to stick to the same old oil loving, government control that Elon Musk pussied into then they are the worst company that destroyed our public trust.

What if Travis Kalanick and all the other founding members and board are not a bunch of pussies and they actually do change the world.  They might actually become the greatest company to exist.  They would’ve created a company that not only offered a service that provided actual value to people, and was profitable, they will also have saved the fucking world by lowering the likelihood of catastrophic climate change.